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Our specializations

The prevention of oral deseases (dental caries and periodontal disease) is the basic condition for obtaining and preserve the health of the stomatognathic system. The first step is to motivate the patient and teach him the correct maneuvers of home care that will be personalizzed according to different situations. During the sessions of professional hygiene are also removed, painlessly, theaccumulation of plaque and tartar above and subgingival, with manual and ultrasonic tools. At the same time the operator removes stains and polish the tooth surfaces to make easier the home manouvers.
Periodontics deals with the treatment of deseases affecting the tessues that support the teeth (gums, alveolar bone and periodontal ligament). The presence of bacterial plaque and tartar deposits cause, in susceptible people, a chronic inflammation of these tissues (pyorrhea). The first clinical sign of the desease is often represented by bleeding gums. Tooth mobility usually appears in a significant improvement of the patology. Periodontitis, if not treated, proceeds in depth resulting in a destruction of the bone sorrounding the roots of teeth and causing the formation of so-called “periodontal pockets”. The measurement of periodontal pockets with a probe is useful in determining the severity of the disease. Periodontitis, as shown in recent studies, seems to be correlated with some systemic diseases such as heart attack, diabetes and premature birth.
Treatment of periodontal desease consists in a careful professional disposal of local inflammatory factors (plaque and tartar), in the home maintenance through a thorough oral hygiene, in the subsequent correction of the gum and bone lesions that the disease caused. Finally the patient will be placed in a program of supportive therapy with regular and personalized controls of professional hygiene.
The specialty that deals with the treatment of caries is the conservative dentistry. The decay may be more or less extended and is caused by demineralization of enamel and dentin due to the action of the acids produced by bacterial plaque. The onset of decay is then determined by the individual response to the factors affecting it. The diagnosis of caries is done with a careful clinical examination and X-ray support. The treatment of caries is the removal of decayed tissue and the execution of restorations directly in the mouth mainly with aesthetic material (composites). In the presence of very extensive decay it is possible, thanks to modern adhesive techniques, retrieve the dental element by means of aesthetic reconstructions performed in laboratory (inlay/onlay).
Within each dental element there is a space that contains the dental pulp consisting of nerves and blood vessels. When caries or trauma determine an irreversible inflammation of the pulp tissue (pulpitis), that can lead to its necrosis with the formation of an infection at the base of the tooth root involved (granuloma), it is necessary the endodontic therapy. This treatment involves the complete removal of everything that lies in the root canal. The hollow area is then cleaned, shaped and decontamineted. Minuscule files and irrigation solutions are used. An inert filling, such gutta-percha, fills up the hollow. The patient will no longer feel any pain on that tooth because the nerve tissue has been taken out and the infection has been eliminated. Also an endodontic therapy longstanding or incongruous may determine painful symptoms and/or radiographic presence of a granuloma. In these cases you need to perform an endodontic retreatment.
The teeth that were lost can now be replaced with the use of tooth implants. Osseointegrated implantology provides for the insertion in the edentulous area of titanium implants with morphology similar to that of the dental roots. The prognosis to 10 years with this type of therapy is good with success rates over 90%. The chances of success depend largely on correct diagnosis and surgical planning, but the determining factor is the stage of supportive care and home maintenance with a thorough oral hygiene. When the isertion of implants is not possible for an inadequate bone volume may be necessary to make surgical techniques of regenerative type, which today have good predictability. In edentulous subjects implants may be also used to improve the stability of removable dentures.
Dental prosthetics is the area of dentistry that focuses on dental prostheses. It restores and replaces one or more teeth missing or deficient to obtain a corret function and a pleasent aesthetics. The smile is essential to characterize the appearance of a person: teeth with a shape, a colour, and a correct position contributing to a nice look. The loss without a correct rehabilitation, especially of front teeth, can cause aesthetic deficiency and psycological problems to the patients. Lips and teeth have in fact a very important aspect of our impact on the people who are watching. On the other hand the loss and non-replacement of one or more posterior teeth lead to deficits of mastication whic could results in disorders of digestive system and temporomandibular joint (TMJ).
Orthodontic terapy is concerned with treating the dental malpositions and jaw bones maloccusions.It can be addressed both in pediatric and adult patients, to restore a good aesthetics and masticatory function, as well as greater stability of the result of treatment over time. To reduce aesthetic discomfort of the patient is now possible to make orthodontic therapy with more modern devices such as ceramic brackets and nearly invisible treatments like Invisalign.
Pedodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with treating pediatric patients. With children you try to estabilish a relationship of trust in which to find their collaboration giving much importance on hygiene and prevention. Are treated any carious lesions of deciduous teeth both whith consevative terapy and endodontics when needed.